Missouri Child Identification Program : Aiding in the Identification & Recovery of Missing Children

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Juveniles and Human Trafficking Posted Apr 15, 2014

It happens more than you would imagine. Prostitution of juveniles, or sex  trafficking, is not a new phenomenon but is an increasingly central component  of

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Take the Pledge…25 Minutes to Discuss Child Safety with Your Kids!!!! Posted Apr 01, 2014

                                   The moment you’ve been waiting for…           The NEW Take25.org is LIVE! What’s new to the website? Everything! Information about abduction and

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It’s Okay to Monitor What Your Children are Doing Online. It’s Actually Imperative. Posted Mar 15, 2014

We hear so much about it. Children, teens being lured by sexual predators online, but have we turned a deaf ear believing we’ve done enough

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Parents: Please Get Your Children ID’d! Help Protect them. Be Proactive! Posted Feb 25, 2014

PARENTS PLEASE–have your children ID’d! Time is critical in recovery of a missing/abducted child or teen. Our Amber Alert compatible disk can have your child’s critical

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