Missouri Child Identification Program : Aiding in the Identification & Recovery of Missing Children

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Teenage Girls are Most Susceptible to Abduction & MoCHIP has ID’d 466 from Missouri Girls State! Posted Jun 30, 2015

MoCHIP the FREE child ID program sponsored by the Masonic Children’s Foundation has ID’d 466 teenage girls at the Missouri Girls State Meeting held this

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10th Anniversary MoCHIP Coins for Sale! Posted Jun 22, 2015

Just released! Limited edition 10th Anniversary MoCHIP Coins are now for sale! This very attractive coin is a special keepsake commemorating the 10 years and 216,302 children

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The OFF LIMITS CHILD. Is Your Child One? Posted May 31, 2015

The OFF LIMITS CHILD is a brilliant and simple, 3 part plan to keep your children safe from sexual predators. MoCHIP has constantly brought you the many

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Stranger Danger Recent Social Experiment is Shocking Posted May 12, 2015

Youtube prankster Joey Salads has parents around the world on edge after he posted a social experiment video that shows just how easy it can

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