Missouri Child Identification Program : Aiding in the Identification & Recovery of Missing Children

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Stranger Danger Recent Social Experiment is Shocking Posted May 12, 2015

Youtube prankster Joey Salads has parents around the world on edge after he posted a social experiment video that shows just how easy it can

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St. Louis MoCHIP #2 Hosts Live Search & Rescue Posted Apr 21, 2015

Nobody wants to believe their child will be one of the thousands of children that can go missing or become abducted, and rightly so, but what if

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Welcome 2015! The Year We Celebrate MoCHIP’s 10th Anniversary! Posted Jan 06, 2015

Congratulations to MoCHIP on TEN incredible years of community service helping to keep Missouri children safe! Where many community programs gain success then lose momentum, sometimes

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Get to Know the MoKIDS and Download the MoKIDS Coloring Book! Posted Dec 01, 2014

The MoKids were developed to represent kids from every ethnic background and from the ages of 0 – 21 who should be processed through the

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