Missouri Child Identification Program : Aiding in the Identification & Recovery of Missing Children

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MoCHIP is Closing in on 200K Posted Jul 29, 2014

This milestone is not only a measurement of MoCHIP’s success, but also a clear indication of the increasing value parents place on the MoCHIP program

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A New Enemy for Wounded Soldiers–Child Porn Posted Jul 29, 2014

A different kind of war–Child Porn. Wounded soldiers trained to hunt predators are on the job and won’t quit until they take down their pedophile targets.

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How to Protect your Children from Pedophiles Posted Jul 22, 2014

Knowledge is power. Remember that. Especially when you are reading what you don’t want to know. Child sexual abuse is now an epidemic. 1 in

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How to Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone without Invading Their Privacy Posted Jul 15, 2014

The below article has been reprinted to our site (from:  https://www.yahoo.com/tech/spying-on-your-kids-phones-for-their-own-good-91500433669.html) because of the amazing and pertinent content. Thank you, yahoo and Dan Tynin! How to Monitor

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