After 10 fruitful years commanding the vessel known as MoCHIP, Nick Cichielo planned his bradpic_featretirement and replacement to the program that will forever be close to his heart. Brad Fowler is that Masonic Brother.

Brad came to MoCHIP before he joined Masonry. Having volunteered at a MoCHIP event and becoming enamored with the craft and the goodwill being brought into the community, something tangible, something he could contribute to, he and his father decided to join Masonry and were initiated on the same day (and proof that the MoCHIP program has aided in lifting the veil of mystery and skepticism that has delineated Freemasonry for so long, and appealing to younger members, or in this case two new members).

Brad joined Ivanhoe Lodge #446 in 2007 and is currently Senior Warden. He is also a member of Christian Lodge #392 in Oak Grove. “I love the ritual,” says Brad, “I am always going to study clubs.” And Brad also enjoyed attending MoCHIP events, to the point that then Regional Coordinator, Will Huff, suggested it was time for a yellow shirt. Brad didn’t know what this meant at the time, but quickly realized he had been drafted to the MoCHIP team, Kansas City area, number 6.

A proud member of MoCHIP team #6, Brad and Will worked the Kansas City Masonic Lodge circuit promoting MoCHIP with a PowerPoint presentation they created. Their passion was contagious, engaging steadfast team members and masonic brothers, Mark Hamilton and Dave Dowell, both of Ivanhoe Lodge #446.

When Regional Coordinator Will Huff stepped down from his position due to work constraints, Brad readily stepped in and assumed all responsibilities for team #6, including the creation of a website to keep team members informed. Brad’s team was also instrumental in helping MoCHIP achieve a major milestone. On May 19, 2010, team #6 in conjunction with East Gate Lodge #630 ID’d 13 year old Kaylee, MoCHIPs 100,000th child processed through the comprehensive program. This was an exciting time for everyone involved in MoCHIP, to see the program grow from its humble beginnings of borrowed laptops and a dozen dedicated masons traveling the state (among them Grand Master John Hess!) to 90 laptops, 7 teams and nearly 19,000 volunteers carrying forth the MoCHIP mission!

Brad has the experience, the dedication and the affection of his brethren. Though he will never “replace” Nick Cichielo, he is certainly the right man for the job and will undoubtedly put his own spin on things.