Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not in this section, please contact us.

How do I locate a MOCHIP event in my area?

Go to the calendar section of this website. A list of events will appear. If you do not see an event in your area, use the search feature at the top. When you locate an event in your area, click on the event name to get the details.

How much does it cost to have my child identified?

Nothing. MoCHIP is a¬†FREE¬†service provided by the Missouri Masonic Children’s Foundations and Missouri Freemasonry.

How long does it take to have my child identified?

Generally the process takes 15 minutes.

Are “microchips” implanted into my child?

Absolutely NOT! MoCHIP is short for MissOuri CHild Identification & Protection program. MoCHIP does not use microchips or any other invasive procedures. Please refer to the About section of our Web site to learn how MoCHIP works.

Dental impressions for DNA & canine scent sample-What happens if my child does not have teeth yet?

If a child does not have teeth or refuses the dental impression, a cotton swab is used to retrieve a saliva sample from the inside of the child’s cheek.

What information should I bring?

It is recommended to have on hand the child(ren)’s:

  • Parents phone numbers
  • Medical information-doctor, dentist location and phone, medical conditions, medications
  • Emergency contact information-name and phone of friend or relative
  • Social Security Number-optional
  • Known clubs and associations (i.e. Girl Scouts, YMCA)

Can I get the forms ahead of time to fill out before the event?

Yes. On the About section of the Web page there are links for both forms: Permission Form and the Information Collection Sheet.

I feel uncomfortable giving out my child’s social security number.

Along with the Social Security Number, all information requested on the collection sheet is entirely optional.

How safe is my personal information?

Once the Permission Form and the Information Collection Sheet are collected from the parent or guardian by the MOCHIP Reception Station, the data is entered into a Station #1 computer and the original form is handed back to the parent. Digital photos and fingerprints are added to the data file and written to a computer disk. All components are provided in a yellow envelope and sealed. At the end of the event, before departing the location, first the individual computers are erased, and then our private server is erased using specialized software.

Can I leave my child at the MoCHIP event and come back to pick him/her up later?

No. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and remain with the child(ren) throughout the MOCHIP process.

Can I get the MOCHIP kit and do it at home?

MoCHIP is not a do-it-yourself Child ID kit. MOCHIP is the most comprehensive Child Recovery, Identification and Abduction Awareness Education program, utilizing the most sophisticated equipment and software available, and provided on a solitary disk that is Amber Alert compatible. Our program is a system put into place by Missouri Freemasonry and must be attended.

What should I do if information was entered incorrectly at a MOCHIP event?

For security purposes, all information is wiped clean from the computers and our server after each MOCHIP event. Therefore, there is no way of going back to your child’s file to correct or alter information. However, you can attend another MOCHIP event, bring your packet and have a corrected disk made.

Can I have duplicate MOCHIP packets made for my former spouse?

Providing there is not a lengthy wait time, most technical coordinators will accommodate your request. Check with a team member wearing a yellow MOCHIP shirt.

Should I place my child’s¬†yellow MoCHIP packet in my safety deposit box?

No. You want this information available to you immediately if your child goes missing. We also suggest you take your child(ren)’s MOCHIP packet with you when you travel.

Can I hold a MoCHIP event at my church or school?

To co-host a MoCHIP event, you must contact a Missouri Masonic Lodge in your area. The Lodge must agree to host the event with you and complete the request form on our Web site. Only the Lodge may submit the request! Please note that due to the popularity of our program, it is suggested to plan at least six months in advance and have multiple dates available to work with. If you have any questions, please contact the MOCHIP State Coordinator, TBD.

Do you do private corporate events?

Please contact our office 636-484-2811

Will you hold an event during the week?

MoCHIP events are held on Saturday’s only. Our program is volunteer-based and we do not have the resources to handle weekday events.

Can I volunteer at MoCHIP events?

Absolutely. Please go to our Contact page and let us know.

Can I make a donation to MOCHIP?

Yes! Tax deductible contributions can be made to: Masonic Childrens Foundation, 6033 Masonic Drive Ste B., Columbia MO 65202-6535. Payments are also accepted online via Paypal.