Event Requirements

  • A Missouri Masonic Lodge must be the one to book an event.
    If you are an organization and you would like to have a MoCHIP program please go to momason.org/lodges to find a Masonic Lodge in your area.
  • On the request tab, read the instructions carefully before filling the form in its entirety. Missing information will only delay your submission. Your “request” is instantly forwarded when you press the “ADD” button to the Masonic Children’s Foundation Coordinator.Your request will be reviewed and you may be contacted if more information is needed. Once your request has been reviewed and approved you will be contacted by an authorized representative of the Masonic Children’s Foundation and assigned a Regional Coordinator. Your Event will then appear on the Web site under the”Calendar of Events” tab.
  • The Masonic Children’s Foundation provides all equipment and materials for the event, and an on-site supervisor.
    The host Lodge is responsible for providing 30 volunteers and refreshments for the workers.
    20 of the 30 requested volunteers must have computer skills.
  • The Host Lodge must also provide five (5) eight-foot tables in a row and four (4) eight-foot tables for the registration area, dental work, and ID cards.
    Please remember it is up to the host Lodge to provide a dentist or dental technician for the event. A nurse or EMT is acceptable but a dentist or dental technician is preferred.
  • The Host Lodge is responsible for all promotion of the event.
    A time-sensitive checklist is available below to aid your endeavors.
    Forms and flyers are available under the about tab on the MoCHIP Web site.
    Event Execution Checklist (Word Format)
    Event Execution Checklist (PDF Format)
  • MoCHIP banners will arrive the day of the event. However, Lodge banners are welcome and encouraged. If the Lodge budget allows, having a banner made with the event information and placed at the location of the event one month prior would be optimal.
    Sample Event Banner for Lodges (PDF Format)
  • Remember the MoCHIP ID package is provided absolutely FREE OF CHARGE by the Masonic Children’s Foundation. Lodges, Event Partners, or anyone who would like to help support this program are encouraged to contact a member of the Masonic Children’s Foundation through the Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F. & A. M. office.
    Diagram of Basic MOCHIP Configuration (PDF format)