What We Do

What is MoCHIP?3

MoCHIP is a comprehensive child identification program designed to give Missouri families a measure of protection against the ever increasing problem of missing and abducted children. MoCHIP stands for¬†MissOuri¬†CHild¬†Identification and Protection Program. The program uses an Amber Alert compatible USB storage device to provide their child’s critical ¬†information to the parents. Microchips are NOT used in the program.

The parent is armed with a single pre-printed envelope that instructs authorities in the event of an emergency, something a parent in crisis would undoubtedly have trouble with, and a proactive measure to combat the time sensitivity involved in recovery. Within a matter of minutes the MoCHIP USB card can be loaded into a computer directly from a police officers automobile and entered into the Amber Alert system.

Missouri Freemasons¬†bring this program to communities throughout the state. The Missouri Masonic Children’s Foundation, the sole sponsor,¬†is working with local Masonic Lodges to¬†provide consistent and¬†comprehensive MoCHIP events as part of their¬†ongoing commitment to Missouri’s children and families. This program is provided¬†FREE OF CHARGE¬†to every Missouri family who participates.

How does it work?

The program consists of five major components:

  • Digital Photographs
  • Digital Fingerprints
  • Child Information and Emergency contacts
  • Dental bite impression

We ask that all participants fill out a¬†Permission Form¬†to participate in the MoCHIP event.¬† Parents or guardians then fill out the¬†Information Collection Sheet¬†with information about their child.¬†All information is voluntary.¬†(save time prior to the event–download and print out forms–fill out one set per child)

The digital photographs, digital fingerprints and Child information and emergency contacts are given to the parent or guardian of the child on a Card sized USB storage device. The information on the device is compatible with the format required by the “AMBER ALERT” program.
image-toothprintsThe dental bite impression provides an impression of the biting surface of the child’s teeth, which like fingerprints, are unique to each individual. The dental impression collects enough saliva to provide a DNA sample and a source for a scent for trained canine search and recovery teams. Together, these five measures provide a powerful and recovery tool.

The Masonic Children’s Foundation retains no information concerning the children; only the signed permission form is retained by the Foundation.

Who can participate?

Any child from the age of 0-21. Whether it be from Missouri or bordering states, or visiting relatives for that matter, MoCHIP will process any child.

Our goal is to keep kids safe!

Where can I find MoCHIP in my area?

Visit the calendar and search by event name or location.

How can I help support MOCHIP?

MoCHIP operates under the direct sponsorship of the Missouri Masonic Children’s Foundation, which is recognized as a 501(c)(3) not-for profit¬†by the Internal Revenue Service. It is supported in a number of ways–Masonic member donations, Masonic Lodge donations, corporate partnerships, and individual donations–as well as many other private organization donations, Masonic and not Masonic related. Click here to find out how you or your company can help financially or become a volunteer and work events with us. We are always looking for¬†motivated individuals from high school age¬†through retirement age and computer skills are helpful but not necessary! Please go to the about tab and click on volunteers to find out how.

High schoolers looking for community service hours, we qualify and will supply necessary documentation!


  • MoCHIP¬†=¬†MissOuri¬†CHild¬†IDentification &¬†Protection program. We do not use Microchips or any other invasive “chips.”
  • NO INFORMATION IS RETAINED. PERIOD! After each MoCHIP event,¬†individual computers are wiped clean of all gathered information using specialized software, after which the private, password protected,¬†MoCHIP server undergoes a 3-phase specialized deletion process to obliterate all files collected that day. This process takes anywhere from 45 min. to 2 hours, depending on how many children had been processed at a particular event.
  • All that is retained by the sponsor, the¬†Missouri Masonic Children’s Foundation, is the signed permission slip that authorizes the foundation to collect the information then disband of it.
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: None of the computers and/or equipment have, or ever will be, subject to any particular or extraneous Internet connections, and therefore cannot be “hacked” into for any reason for the purposes of obtaining privileged information.

Masonic Children’s Foundation¬†Board Members


RWB Michael A. Flagg, President RWB Jonce B. Chidister
RWB Joshua A. Thompson RWB Terry D. Coppotelli