If your MoCHIP ID’d Child is Missing

Parent or Guardianmochipmanilaenvelop

If your child goes missing, bring the yellow MOCHIP envelope with all of its contents to the nearest police station, Sheriff department, or Highway Patrol office. Tell them your child is missing and has been ID’d. Law Enforcement Instructions are on the back of the envelope.

Law Enforcement Agency

A child who has gone through the MOCHIP Child Identification process will have received a yellow MOCHIP envelope. If you have obtained this envelope from a parent or guardian, theĀ envelope containsĀ vital information about the child in question.

MOCHIP Envelope Contents:

  • A USB device that is AMBER ALERT COMPATIBLE and contains
  • 3 Digital Photographs
  • Digital Fingerprints
  • Detailed Information on child (height, weight, eye color, etc.)
  • The enclosed Dental Wafer provides
  • Child’s Tooth Impression
  • DNA Sample
  • Canine Scent

Further information about MoCHIP can be obtained by contacting:

Mitch Penn, MoCHIP State Coordinator
Grand Lodge of Missouri, 573-727-4020