Farewell LeRoy Salmon, Dear Friend and Brother. Posted September 6, 2013 by Lori



It is with great sadness that we report the passing of MoCHIP Regional Coordinator, LeRoy Salmon. There are innumerable ways in which LeRoy shared his love, compassion and benevolence, though we knew him best for his work within the Masonic Fraternity and Masonic bodies; Scottish Rite, Moila Shrine, Demolay, York Rite and National Sojourners. The offices he held were many, his awards and accomplishments remarkable, though it was his commitment to the MoCHIP that he is so often associated with.


LeRoy worked the MoCHIP trenches with St. Joe’s team #3. Always with that heartfelt grin, he lugged equipment, entered data, reassured frightened children—did whatever was needed of him. There were no grand accolades for the miles he traveled or materials hauled, no grand positioning or major awards, LeRoy simply did it all for the children—that was his reward—keeping Missouri’s Children safe.


Thank you, LeRoy for touching so many lives. You will be missed.